The event organizer has the flexibility to choose how tickets will be delivered to attendees. They can opt for tickets to be deposited at the venue or sent electronically. In the case of tickets being deposited at the venue, the organizer has the right to decide whether the tickets should be paid for on-site or in advance via Hytix.

The Hytix will strive to deliver the tickets immediately after successful payment. In case of online ticket delivery, buyer will get the ticket in email (as attachments) as well as text message. The buyer can download the PDF file from the email. In a text message, the buyer can view the ticket from the link.

In case of lost or undelivered tickets, the event organizer should be contacted promptly for assistance. They may require relevant purchase and identification details to verify the buyer's identity and assist with ticket ticket resend,if possible.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about the Hytix Shipping Policy, or if you have a complaint, an access request or any other issue, please contact us at or by calling (201) 299-4757.

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